Circular Polarity RFID Panel Antenna


The PA9-12 flat panel directional antenna by Laird offers high-gain in a thin, low-profile 
package. The antenna is constructed of an off white color UV resistant ASA plastic radome 
with an aluminum backplate. The antenna can be used in horizontal or vertical polarization. 
The heavy duty pole mount bracket allows up or down tilt adjustment and the stainless steel 
hardware assures a long service life. The antenna can be surface mounted or pole mounted. 
The PA9-12 comes with an integral N female connector standard.

HeptabandTM external wireless antenna offers ultimate bandwidth with over seven frequency ranges

Laird Technologies Heptaband portable wireless antennas provide excellent radio transmission characteristics while offering the ultra flexibility of seven bands in one profile. With operating frequencies of 824 - 894 MHz, 880 - 960 MHz, 1575 MHz, 1710 - 1880MHz, 1850 - 1990 MHz, 1920 - 2170 MHz, and 2400 - 2500 MHz, the antenna is the ideal choice when multiple bandwidths are required in various regional and global applications. Additionally, the blade style antenna features both knuckle and swivel snap-in or SMA/TNC/RPTNC connector options.

High gain / low profile 900 MHz wireless LAN applications
Pole mount or surface mount WISP client antennas
Rugged IP67 rated weatherproof construction RFID applications
Vertical or horizontal polarization OEM wireless data
  Transport terminals